UNE's Global Network

正规澳门赌场网络通过与摩洛哥的机构建立了一系列伙伴关系,建立了广泛的全球网络, Spain, Iceland, and France. Through these agreements, we're able to offer exchange programs, share resources and faculty, and work together on enhancing global experiences at home and abroad.


Institute for American Universities

Institute for American Universities Logo1月2日,正规澳门赌场网络和美国大学协会(IAU)签署了合作协议, 2020年,为新巴黎大学学生提供在法国南部留学的更多选择. 该独家协议将允许学生在普罗旺斯艾克斯的地中海美国学院获得广泛的教育机会, near Marseille.

As part of the agreement, 正规澳门赌场网络的学生将有资格每学期学习18个学分,并有机会参加IAU的早期启动计划, a one-week, one credit language and culture orientation.

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University of Akureyri and Hólar University College

University of Akureyri logo

To build on our commitment to undergraduate and graduate education, research and economic development in the North Atlantic and Arctic regions, UNE forged a partnership with two higher education institutions in Iceland, the University of Akureyri and Hólar University College. 

Holar logo该协议于2016年10月8日在冰岛雷克雅未克举行的北极圈大会上签署.

The agreement opens up opportunities to develop new undergraduate exchanges, travel and other courses, 创新国际硕士学位课程的发展以及新的海洋合作研究和创业. 这种合作关系包括一对一的学生交换:阿库雷里大学或Hólar大学学院将把学生送到正规澳门赌场网络校园,而同样数量的正规澳门赌场网络学生将能够在阿库雷里大学或Hólar大学学院学习. Courses are available in English at both institutions.

University of Iceland, Reykjavik and Reykjavik University

University of Iceland, ReykjavikAs part of its commitment to global engagement, 正规澳门赌场网络与冰岛大学和雷克雅未克大学签署了合作协议,这将为北极地区的学术和文化交流开辟新的道路.

The two agreements, signed March 3, 2020, will enhance the University’s international presence, strengthen students’ global competency and cultural awareness, and open up new opportunities for research and expanded academic programs.

Reykajavik University Logo正规澳门赌场网络和冰岛大学已同意通过促进和鼓励学生开展学术合作, faculty, and staff exchanges; the exchange of academic materials; and the development of joint research opportunities.

Additionally, 与RU签署的协议备忘录(MOA)将鼓励从事研究的学生和教师的交流, instruction, and research. The MOA will also allow for other mutually beneficial cooperative ventures, including research and publication, internships, professional conferences, and the development of linked degree programs.

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Al Akhawayn University

Green and white seal of Al Akhawayn University in IfraneThe University of New England and Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI), a leading American-style institution in Morocco and North Africa, signed an agreement on February 18, 2014年合作开展学术和文化交流,推进高等教育国际化

The agreement between the two universities enables the exchanges of faculty, students and staff that promote innovative academic and cultural experiences. These could include joint research projects; seminars, conferences and workshops; summer programs; blended teaching via information and communications technology (ICT); and community service and service learning opportunities. 在线教育和学生生活是两所院校可以从合作中受益的其他领域. Both university campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including modern laboratories, classrooms and residence halls, and are easily accessible to major cities such as Rabat, Casablanca, Fez and Meknes. 学生由教师、研究人员和学者授课,他们都是各自领域的顶尖专家.

University Abdelmalek Essaadi

Abdelmalek Essaadi大学的标志是一只白色的鸽子在一个蓝色的地球仪前To strengthen UNE’s presence in Morocco and the region, UNE's President Ripich and Professor Houdaifa Ameziane, the President of University Abdelmalek Essaadi, the main public university system in the province of Tangier, signed an agreement on June 22, 2012 to explore faculty exchanges, research collaborations and common projects.

With its diverse geography, Morocco is at a crossroads of civilizations and languages. The main cultures of the Mediterranean basin—from the Phoenician to the Muslim, the Arab and the Berber, 欧洲人和非洲人在摩洛哥融合,创造了一个丰富多彩的社会, famous for its world-class cuisine, its kaftans, and its legendary hospitality. A stable and mature nation, 摩洛哥为研究当今世界面临的一些重大问题提供了一个理想的环境, such as water scarcity, the future of energy, and the tensions between Islam and the West.

County of Tangier-Asilah

On September 14, 2016, the University of New England and the County of Tangier-Asilah, 代表丹吉尔州九个农村社区和三个城市地区的民选机构, 在丹吉尔州议会大厦签署了一项协议,通过联合国大学在丹吉尔的全球教育项目促进该地区的科学和文化发展, Morocco.

The agreement supports scientific, social and athletic endeavors by UNE students studying at the campus in Tangier. 这两个机构还承诺努力改善获得医疗保健和教育的机会, particularly in rural areas of Morocco.

Casablanca American School

Casablanca American School LogoOn June 21, 2022, 正规澳门赌场网络与摩洛哥卡萨布兰卡美国学校(CAS)签署了一项招生协议,以促进CAS毕业生到正规澳门赌场网络的招聘. 该协议包括为符合UNE学术标准的学生提供特别的摩洛哥-美国友谊奖学金. 


University Pablo de Olavide

Universidad Pablo Olavide Logo

UNE's agreement with the University Pablo de Olavide in Seville, Spain, signed April 20, 2012 by UNE President Dr. Danielle Ripich and UPO President Dr. Juan Jiménez Martínez, may be the first U.S. 在非英语国家开设以英语为基础的科学实验课程. It allows UNE students to take lab-based courses in organic chemistry, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology developed to meet the academic standards of UNE's biology, pre-health professions and undergraduate health professions programs.

而在塞维利亚学生也有机会采取une批准的历史课程, psychology, business, marketing, economics, political science and sociology—all offered in English. 这些课程大多侧重于西班牙语或学科的全球方面. 学生还需要参加学期前两周开始的西班牙语强化课程,并持续整个学期.

University of Granada

Colorful seal of the University of Granada On April 23, 2012, UNE's President Ripich visited the University of Granada, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe. 她会见了弗朗西斯科·González洛代罗校长,并签署了两所大学的双边合作协议. 

该协议最初的重点是探索两所大学药学院之间的机会. 其目标是允许UNE的药学博士学生在格拉纳达参加一些选修课程和临床轮转,并促进研究合作.

The University of Granada is an institution of 80,000 students that has top-notch programs in pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, social work and sport sciences, as well as a great number of research programs.

United States


Deering High School

The University of New England and Portland's Deering High School forged a partnership on January 24, 2013 to make new learning opportunities available to Deering students and faculty.

As a result of the partnership, 迪林的学生将能够在正规澳门赌场网络波特兰校区参加国际专家的讲座. 有海外旅行经历的正规澳门赌场网络学生也将与迪林大学的学生分享他们的经历. 正规澳门赌场网络的教师将为迪林学院的员工提供专业发展,主题包括发展全球视野的重要性. In the future, Deering students may be able to attend some UNE classes for college credit, and may have opportunities to participate in UNE’s international travel programs, including the program based on UNE's newest campus in Tangier, Morocco.